Wednesday, August 31, 2011


In an effort to become more literate and edgamacated I have decided to go back to school. I didn't tell you way back when I made the decision because I didn't want to be that girl who says I'm going to do something, but then later when you ask about it she's all oh I didn't do it. So I wanted to surprise you and really be doing it when I told you about it.

Do you like how I acted like you didn't already know even though the only people who read this blog (that I know about) would already know such a thing? It's for the future when my readership is through the ROOF!

I don't think I want to go into my real reasons for going back because it will take too long, but it seems like I'm about to. Yep, I'm about to.

Short version:
Although it should have been super-obv for my whole life, including my childhood, which I realize was implied, it never, for some reason, occurred to me that there is something I love to do that could be a reason to earn a degree and which could also become a career. And as soon as I tell you what it is you will wonder how I could possibly have written the preceding sentence (but I'm really tired and I don't curr). I have been obSESSed (ask anyone) with proofreading and editing ever since I can remember (don't say it!) and always proofread everything I read. Mistakes jump up off the page and smack me in the face and I LOVE correcting them. I know, super nerdy. But I really love it.
So a few months ago it hit me over the head like unto an anvil and the rest is herstory (haha--get it?).

So I will be making Colleege posts here and there to let you know how it's going, especially since it's hard for you to sleep at night wondering how school is going and stuff.

I was going to tell you about my first two days and a couple of my teachers, but my video homework just finished burning to disc and it's after midnight and I have classes all day tomorrow and then a 3-hour night class, so I gotsta get to bed.


P.S. Boy am I going to be horrified when I read this later and find all my mistakes. And I call myself a proofreader!


Erin Blake said...

Wohoo!! You're doing it! You're doing it and you're doing it with style. That's my friend.

gma vh said...

So I read this.. Actually Bob told me about your adventure & it is awesome. We have a son who has a degree in English and he isn't nerdy.
I think..
Congrats & GO!

Melwel said...

If school is what will get you writing on your blog again...then I am happy to forgo service and lunch club with you...because you are in school. Get it?

Si said...

FINALLY. Sheesh, if I could have I would have changed the font size to XL.
Oh, finally as in, you are posting, ot going back to school :)

Suzanne Reese said...

Yep, I'm one that knew about it, but I'm still psyched to see it in writing in the special way that only you can! Plus that means that some day I'll get to hire you. Well, hopefully. Depends on your rates when you're a big fancy degree-toting editor. Wahoo!

Taffy said...

Go Kimi! Go kimi! Go Kimi!