Friday, March 27, 2009

Careful What You Wish For~~You Might Be Embarrassed Years Later

A few times during my pre- and early-teenage years, I got my mind set on something to ask for for my birthday. I would want it so badly I would tell my parents, "That's the ONLY thing I want!!" to increase my chances of getting it. I would state and restate it at least daily, for emphasis. "Really, I don't want ANYTHING else! Just that!"

My parents were smart. Or cheap.

Every time I did it I ended up getting exactly that: the ONE thing I asked for. Nothing more. And I couldn't complain, either, because I had been so adamant about it. Plus, I like to think I'm pretty simple and easy to please, and I really was grateful for the one little thing. But wait'll you see some of the things I got for my birthdays before I wised up:

1. Bagels and cream cheese.

2. A bar of Dial soap. I had a fascination with the smell of soap and loved walking down the soap isle at the store (still do). They did generously include a cute soap dish, however.

3. A trip to Wilson Motor, a car dealership, to look at the plethora of animal trophies they had in their lobby. Wilson Motor was on main street and we passed it everyday, driving through town. So basically, the only difference was that we stopped and went in once.

4. A boom box. Yeah, I started getting a little smarter by then. A little.

These were 4 separate years, mind you. And now that I think about it, I still do that sometimes. Lucky for me, Bob loves to shop too much for me to end up with only the one thing I asked for.

Anyway, for my birthday this year I only want ONE thing:

A grand piano.

I swear, I won't ask for ANYTHING else! That's the ONLY thing I want!!