Friday, April 03, 2009

Media Moratorium

I'm cutting WAAAAY back on the media. It's going to be painful, but I have to do it. It's taking over my life and I'm taking my life back. Here's how it's going to be:

NO tv. Well, not very much tv. Very little tv, if any. Perhaps just American Idol. And the final episode of ER because it's the final episode -- ever.

Computer: One hour in the morning, then shut down. One hour in the evening, then shut down. I actually did this yesterday and it was okay. I had to turn it on a couple of times for information and kids' homework, but because I had to boot it up and wait and everything, I really thought about it before I turned it on. And then I turned it back off.

The problem is that I pass the computer all the time and it calls to me. It winks its cute little Mac eye (or is that iMac? Oh! Zing!) at me and says, "You want some of this? Come on, just check your email and then browse a little. You can still get some work done. Let's see...go get some laundry and you can (pretend to) fold it while you catch up on a show you missed. But, I mean, you can catch up on some blogs, too, while you're on here. Oh, and make sure you check the news, cause, you know, you gotta stay up on the news. And the weather, so that when you think about going running you can talk yourself out of it because the weather doesn't look too good. And, oh! You know how funny some of those Onion videos are! You should see if there are some good ones today. Ah! Facebook! Don't forget to check your Facebook page, along with the pages of several other people whom you vaguely remember from 20 years ago. They might have some great pictures or links that you can get caught up in, or "25 random facts" or "One Word" notes. Oooh, who's online right now? You might want to chat with someone. Oh, remember how you just signed up on Twitter? Better check it out because you just never know what Ashton and Demi are going to be saying, those funny kids! Hey, is there a new podcast on itunes you haven't checked out yet? Whoa! Dude! Are you going to get dressed or what? The kids'll be home in 20 minutes! Do you want them to know you've been sitting here wasting your day away? Jeez! Get a life, why don'tcha?"

It's a love/hate kind of thing. I love sitting around all day, accomplishing nothing. But I hate getting caught.


erin noelle said...

Totally feelin your pain. It's the only bad thing about having the computer in a "safe"'s in front of your face all day long. One suggestion...get off lamo facebook. I don't miss it. It saves boatloads of time.

staceygriff said...

I too am feeling your pain. I think I'm getting rid of facebook myself. I think I did enough of catching up with people and got emails and tele numbers for people that I want to talk to, or their blog site(hint hint). My butt is living proof that I need to cut back, way back on sitting around watching tv and checking for stupid stuff online. I like the twice a day idea of getting on the computer. BTW (see I have learned some great stuff online like the lingo) I like the song shut and let me go. Has a beginning sound like INXS. Very cool.

Taffy said...

I took the quote from a conference talk to heart: Self mastery is at the root of self respect".
I won't get on 'distraction' websites until I have my daily to-do done. I.E. Scriptures, writing, family research, one house chore.
Then I will reward myself with playing! :)

Holly said...

I have just started doing the EXACT same thing. I literally have to shut all the way down too or I have no self-control.

Mark said...

1) Try working on the computer ALL day for a living. :)
2) Its about control not removal.
3) I am one of them 20 year ago people but I am reading your blog ;)