Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I 'Heart' YA too!

Oh, hahaha! You probably thought I died!

Must we talk about this again? Sometimes I go on hiatus. For long periods of time. Just accept it. I have.

^That was a fun paragraph, don't you think? Lots of little minisentences. And they got progressively shorter, haha! It's true, I'm easily amused--but that's what you love about me! Okay, friends, let's get down to bidness.

Part of the reason for this latest absence is that my missionary came home from Fiji just in time for Christmas. Then he left again after 3 little teeny tiny, inadequate, yet abundantly appreciated weeks to go to BYU Hawaii. I'm telling you, he ripped my heart right out and took it with him in his carry on.

Whoa, I almost launched into a diatribe about how painful it is when children grow up and leave you, but frankly I'm a bit tired of sobbing thinking about it all the time. I'm finally ready to put my big girl panties back on and just deal with it. Oh, so easy to say, haha, ANYWAY!

Today I would like to tell you about something I'm excited about. It features my Aunt Suzanne, whom we used to call Aunt Suzie, but then she made everybody start calling her Suzanne, which was really hard to get used to, but then I did and now she's decided to go by Suze, which I thought was "Sooz", but it's "Suzie." I know, I found it complicated too. The reason she changed it again is because she's an AUTHOR! And there's already some other author named Suzanne Reese, so she has a new pen name and now I'm having a heck of a time trying to make myself call her Suze! Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to call her that. It's a pen name. Remind me to ask her about it later.

Aunt Suze is only five years older than me, but when you're 11 and she's 16 that's a BIG DIF! Back then I thought she was the COOLEST! I will even admit that I was intimidated and somewhat shy around her back then, because of her coolness. Our relationship has changed and evolved over the years. Now that I'm 43 and she's--hey, I'm not telling you her age! That's her business!--the difference is barely noticeable. We are very much sisterfriends now. Except for this one thing: I continue to look up to her as the COOLEST! It used to be about her big hair and how she was pretty enough to work at MCDONALDS! (Funny story--ask me some time.) But now it's more about how she's so smart (SO smart!) and a real, live published author--and a good one, too! She's creative and ambitious and still kind of intimidating with her life-planning and mothering skillz, but she accepts me with my quirks and flaws and best of all: she lets me edit her stuff. Yum! (Seriously, so yummy. Omm nom nom! Gimme WORDS!)

Her two books are Where Hearts Prosper (WARNING: this book was badly edited--not our fault; publisher's fault--grrrrrrrr!) and Extra Normal, both YA fiction, both really good.

Suze Reese

Yesterday, Suze launched her Blog Carnival: I 'Heart' YA. It's why ay, not yuh, in case you had the same problem I did for a couple minutes. Um, I heart you too, Suze. Oh wait--OH! YA, as in Young Adult! Huh huh, that makth more thenth (<--even funnier story--perhaps I'll blog it sometime *chuckle*). Apparently there is a large demographic of YA fiction lovers and enthusiasts out there in cyberspace. Who knew? Suze did, cuz she's smart like that. That's her cute logo up there. ^

What is a Blog Carnival, right? That's what I said. Here, I'll let her tell you: 
I HEART YA is a Blog Carnival for readers, writers, and lovers of young adult fiction. Every Tuesday there will be a blogging prompt that celebrates my favorite reading genre --YA fiction. Bloggers are invited to write their own take on the topic and post a link in the comment section, or if you prefer just put your thoughts in the comments.
Uuummmm...I kinda just realized this post was supposed to be about how I came to love YA fiction.  Seriously no idea. I guess when my daughters started reading it? Yep, that's what it was. Okay. Done.

Want more YA fiction action? Want to see how to find Aunt Suze's books? Come on over to her blog: and see!


Melanie said...

Ha, I had trouble with pronouncing YA for a bit too!

Suze Reese said...

You are so stinking funny my little niece! You know what else is funny? Nobody in that YA blogging world has had any trouble connecting the dots. Goes to show. I totally appreciate your support and totally dispute all the "smart" things you said about me. I'm just too lazy to get out of my bathrobe before noon or do dishes or laundry or boring junk like that, so I write instead! Love you! Suze

Suze Reese said...

Look how much I HEART