Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Klassic Keems

A friend's blog today mentioned Hires Big H in Salt Lake. It reminded me of a recent trip there for lunch with Becky. When the waitress came over I warned her not to judge me for what I was about to order and then proceeded to order a hot chocolate and a rootbeer float.


More like perfection.


Si said...

You are so weird.
that's why ILY.

gma vh said...

So did you drink/eat them or have the waitress give it to some young child who looked deprived & thirty?
You can order anything you want when you are out Kimi.

Wait-they weren't for YOU, were they? You're right-how embarrassing. I am SO glad I wasn't there & have to say Hi. ;)

gma vh said...

whoops. Meant to say "thirsty". I think that was brain driven out of control fingers.