Thursday, February 26, 2009

Asphyxiation Station

Hahahahaha hehehehehe hooooo...

I just remembered an embarrassing moment and it's making me laugh!

One time, when I was a new, young mom, my friend Julie was having a bunch of friends over. It was a group of friends from high school and college. These friends were nearly all single. It was right at the beginning of the stage where everybody started getting married. Bob and I took baby Tanner, who was probably a year old, and went to hang out. The baby was kind of a novelty, since no one else had kids at the time.

Sometime during the evening Tanner fell asleep. Julie said to go ahead and put him on her bed in the back room. There was a lamp on the nightstand that I decided to leave on in case Tanner woke up and wondered what the heck. But the light was kind of bright, as it didn't have a shade on it. Since it was winter and I had a pair of stretchy knit gloves with me, I thought it would be a clever idea to put one of the gloves over the bulb to diffuse the light, which I did, and it was just right.

After a while someone wondered what was burning. It was around that time we noticed the smoke coming from, you guessed it, (aren't you the sharp one? Nothing gets past you, does it?) the back bedroom. The chemical stench was unbearable and the party cleared out pretty quickly. Though not before plenty of mocking laughter and "good thinking!" comments. I thought Tanner was going to get cancer right then and there from the toxic fumes that were right next to his little baby head. Poor Julie --she had to sleep there!

You should have seen the bulb with the glove burned and sealed to it except for five little stubby, charred fingers sticking up. That picture is what is making me lol.

I'm sure those single friends were thinking I was real brilliant and a great mom.

There exists somewhere a picture of that bulb that I will stumble across 13 years from now. I wish I knew where it was and could post it because I'm not sure this story is funny without it.

It is to me, though, and I'm laughing my bum off right now.


Mark said...

Funny stuff!

erin noelle said...

You need to post girlfriend. People, like moi, will get discouraged and stop checking your blog because there is never anything new, and then you will write something brilliant and we'll miss it....POST POST POST

Si said...

This made me lol. Seriously. Good thing you didn't burn Tanner. I'm sure I did some of those dumb mom things too, just can't think of any to top that story!