Monday, January 05, 2009

We Came. We Saw. We Squatted.

Oh, I'm so sorry to all my legions of faithful readers who have been starved for weeks without a posting from their favorite blogger! How difficult it must have been for you.

My China trip was SO last month! But I'll try to muster some enthusiasm as I take you on a little photo tour...

First of all, I maintain that, since I've been to China 3 times now (and that's two too many in my opinion) the thing that was most fun about this trip was hanging with my traveling companions. And if that's the case, then I further maintain that we could have had the same amount of fun anywhere! Such as: the Bahamas, Cancun, or Tahiti, none of which I have ever visited and all of which are warm, sunny, and contain beaches. But my crazy friends wanted to go to China. And my crazy husband who goes there virtually every month also wanted to go there (go figure). So off we went. Here are some observations and experiences:

There are a lot of people in China:

One day we went to a mall to have suits, coats, etc. made by the tailor:

One day we had foot massages--okay, maybe two days -- and maybe a head massage once, as well:

One day we went to the Forbidden City and found that we are Forbidden to pick flowers (although it looks like somebody did anyway. I bet they lose their head for it!):
Click on the photo to enlarge it.

One day we found a 4 star squatter!:
Notice who gave themselves the rating.

Here is the International Squatter Symbol, should you ever need it:

Here is the 4 star squatter:
I don't know, I think maybe they should have gone 5 stars.

One day we were trying to find a head massage place in Beijing. The boys left us in one place while they braved the cold to see if they could find a better one (they didn't) and came back with these for us:

One day Laura got food poisoning! Poor Laura! Here she is, unsuspecting, with the evil pork and noodles:

One day Laura sprained her ankle on the Great Wall of China! Poor Laura! Here she is, unsuspecting, moments before. In this picture, I think she's saying, "Huh? What? I can't hear you! Did you say I'm about to spray my cankle? That's rude. I'm just going to hurry down these steps...":

One day Laura crashed head-on with a motorcyle! Poor Laura! Here she is, unsuspecting, and driving like a pro:

Here is Laura lying in the ditch after crashing and being thrown off the road and having the scooter land on her leg:

Here we are on our way home. Those are all our suitcases. We were a spectacle. That's Laura in the wheelchair:

There are many more observations and experiences, but I can only upload so many photos before my brain 'splodes and I smash my computer with a pipe wrench. I know it's not my computer's fault, but I can't smash Blogspot now can I?

We actually had a really great trip, for the most part. Laura says she only regrets a few seconds of it. I only regret most of the food. Other than that, it is a splendid place with interesting people and a fascinating culture.

China is a great place to visit, but I like America better.


Taffy said...

Finally a review of your trip! :) I guess we aren't going to China with you and Bob since you've already been twice too many times. How about going on a Mediterranean cruise with us in June??

Tell Laura I too had a scooter accident but in Taiwan and on a motorcycle. When we told the taxi driver to take us to the hospital, he thought it was pretty funny to take us to the vet!

sueyado said...

It sounds like a crazy trip! When are you guys going to take us? How fun! We sure miss you guys! Love reading your blog!

Mark said...

Nice trip report. :) You should consider putting your photos on Picasa Web (which I am pretty sure integrates with blogger) or on Flickr, that way they can be enjoyed seperate from the blog. :)

Having said that, I went to Beijing twice last year and loved it. I went with Stac one of those times for 11 days and it was like being back in Taiwan. Good to see you had a great time, at least it wasn't hot!

rip said...

Poor Laura! I don't even know her, but I feel so bad for her.

I enjoyed your insight into China. I'm not sure I will ever have the opportunity, so it is fun to see it through your eyes.

Misty said...

Awesome pictures. :)

staceygriff said...

Ok, I want to go to China next time with you guys! Unfortunately I would most likely be just like your friend who hurt herself. I'm a bit accident prone. I burnt my hand on a hot pot in Beijing and now have a wonderful red scar on my hand about the size of a silver dollar. Sounds like you guys had fun. I love the universal(or China) sign for squatters. Very funny. What kind of suits did you guys have made?

Si said...

Sheesh. Finally, a new post. I loved the pics. I will have to show you my Japanese toilet pics. Soon.

staceygriff said...

I love that in the photo of your friend laying on the ground after the crash, that she still has her helmet on. Safety all the time, very important!