Monday, June 30, 2008

Kimi Gonzales

Yesterday - yes, just yesterday! - I had to run my son up to the church about a mile away. We weren't all ready yet, but he had to be there early. So I ran him up there and was speeding home to finish getting ready and take the family up. Literally speeding. Right past a cop. So there I was pulled over in front of a neighbor's house ten minutes before church starts. "Yes, hello Brother So and So," I wave. "That's right, Sister Such and Such, I'm getting a ticket on this lovely Sabbath morning," I smile. "Good to see you, too, What's-yer-faces," I nod. Neighbor after neighbor passed me on their way up to the church house, waving and smiling.

And, no, I didn't happen to grab my driver's license on the way out the door, thank you very much. Would you? Yeah, probably, but we're not talking about you right now, okay? Then the officer comes back to my window and tells me it's my "very lucky day." "Really?" I say. "It doesn't feel like my lucky day, what with my neighbors driving by and laughing at me." (Yes. Yes, I really did say that.) He doesn't crack even half a smile as he tells me the state wide computer is down and he doesn't want to take the time to hand-write me a ticket without my license, so slow down, stay buckled up (whew! At least I had that going for me!) and grab my wallet next time.

It was especially fun walking in late to church, knowing that lots of people knew exactly why I was late.

It's a DARN good thing I live in the most accepting and non-judgemental neighborhood I've ever known or I might be REALLY embarrassed!


Melinda said...

I can't believe I missed this drama. WHere were you, where was the cop, where was I? Oh well. What's up with Kimi Gonzales.....okay, I get it, Speedy Gonzales, it just hit me. I first thought it must be your new gangsta name, since you broke the law and all. Thanks for sharing your life, it's about time. Love you,

Ali Blake said...

Kimi- you are so flawed to let that happen to you. That would never happen to me. You made someone work on Sunday. You should feel ashamed of yourself. Sorry. Just being judgemental. ERIN

Anonymous said...

Hey I totally agree with Erin. That cop was probably reading his scriptures and having his own personal Sunday meeting in his car and then you just had to speed by and so he had to break the sabbath! Oh and I think I heard that speeding on Sunday is twice the sin then if you broke the law any other day...don't quote me on it though.
Haha, now that thats off of my chest...I wish i could have seen the whole thing. You just have the most eventful life ever!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimi I found your blog thru Stac... but I have to say, in my teenage years I was pulled over a few times and every time I didn't have my license I didn't get a ticket. One time I just had to go and show them my license at a later date... I think it's the way to go... I don't know if you'll see this since this is an older blog but HEY!... Linda